Nokrek National Park, Meghalaya

The Nokrek National Park is in the West Garo Hills of Meghalaya which is a hills district and covers 47.48 square meters of area and is the highest peak in Garo hills. This park is a breeding place to many rare species of birds, animals, and plants as this place is a thick forest. Nokrek national park range is the place of origin for almost all the rivers and streams of the Garo hill region and one of the magnificent rivers is Simsang river and is known as Somashwari as it enters Bangladesh at Baghmara. This park has a variety of citrus fruits and according to the experts there are some 23 varieties of citrus fruits in this park.

The Nokrek National Park is an ideal destination for the people who love trekking, hiking and exploring and gives the opportunity to catch a glimpse of exotic plants and animal species and myriad species of birds along with some beautiful and breath-taking waterfalls. There are many other attractions for tourists like Simsang river game reserve, Nokrek peak, Ronbang dare waterfall and many natural limestone caves like the famous Siju cave. In the year of May 2009, The Nokrek National Park is Designated UNESCO site to resourceful ecological hub.

Nokrek national park is one of the wettest places on the earth and so it is a perfect place for the flora and wildlife to survive and evolve. Though this national park can be visited in all seasons of the year best time to visit is between the months of October to May. You can easily take a train from Guwahati which is the nearest town.


Nokrek National Park can be visit during 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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