Mundakkal Beach, Kerala

One of the most eye-catching destinations in Kollam is the Mundakkal beach. An ideal place for spending the evening with your family and friends. The weather is more or less cool throughout the year. Ideal time to visit this place is during the month of October – December.

Mundakkal Beach is one of the famous tourist destinations in Kerala. This beach is located right in the heart of the city of the Kollam. The area where this beach is situated holds importance for the processing of cashews. There is a story attached to this beach, it is said that the beach got prominent after the world-famous excavator ship named “Hanistha”. Another popular belief by the devotees is that a dig in this sea has the power to wash off the sins in a person’s life. Vavubali Tharpanam is a famous ritual performed by men, women and children during the occasion of “Karkidaka Vavubali” at the Mundakkal Beach. In this ritual, people offer sand to their lost loved ones.

The Mundakkal beach is located on the side of the Kollam-Paravur coastal road. Commutation is a bit on the odds end. However, the Kollam KSRTC buses are quite frequent and play a vital role in the city’s transport services. This bus has its routes running all over the city and even on the NH 66 highways. Using this bus services, you can reach the beach which is approx. 4.7kms from the main bus depot. On rail, the nearest railway junction is the Kollam Junction railway station which is 3.9kms from the beach. If you want to have a memorable journey, then you can reach the beach via boats and ferries. These ferries depart from the Kollam KSWTD boat jetty or the ferry station which is roughly 4.7kms from the Mundakkal beach.

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