Nati Folk Dance, Himachal Pradesh

Sirmour Nati is one of the celebrated Indian Folklore dances from the north parts of the Indian sub-continent. The Sirmour Nati move is the earliest type of the north Indian regional dances from the deep recess of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The Sirmour Nati move shape is a standout amongst the most relieving and joyous dance structures of all. The move is an extremely ornamented move of tasteful nature that investigates the affectionate connection of nature with the people and is symbolized in a number of frames.

The Himachal Pradesh is the house of Nati dance form but it is also the place where it grows and propagates. The Nati dance form is the aboriginal art form of Himachal Pradesh culture. The Nati has many sub forms like the Lahauli Nati, Mahasuvi Nati, Kinnauri Nati and the Sirmour Nati. The Nati is famous for its New Year celebration called the Losai. The Sirmour Nati out of all the Nati dances is quite famous among not only the people of local Himachal Pradesh but all over the India. The folklore of Sirmour Nati is a traditional dance originating from the districts of Shimla & Kullu of Himachal Pradesh. The dance form is a group dance form that encourages a hefty participation. It has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Recordas the largest mass performing folk dance. The Sirmour Nati is quite famous in Chandigarh also. The Sirmour Nati is very popular among the people and is now in the rise on becoming one of the top traditional folk dances in the country.

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