Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race, Kerala

Kerala is said to be the God's Own Country, for it has been honored like not very many different places on this planet that brags of having all the landscape types and ample of natural riches. And one of the most valuable traditions here is the Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race staged in the backwaters of Alleppy. But why is it the paradise? From the green mountains to rich green planes and from riverine backwaters to serene ocean, the state has everything. Kerala is regarded as the Venice of the East in light of the backwaters of the Alleppy locale and because of its boat races and boat stays. The characteristic stream trenches everywhere throughout the district, from the terrain to the bank of the Arabian Sea with numerous tidal ponds and lakes make the land ripened with greenery. The backwaters of Alleppy begin from the city of Kottayam and finishes in Alappuzha, Alleppey town. The primary fascination is the charming landscape of the canalized conduit.

The travel industry of Alleppey is best delighted in on the boat lifestyle of the backwaters. The boat shelters that ferry on the estuaries are the best vacation spot in Alleppey. However, the Vembanad and the Kuttanadlakes are very well known and critical touring spots. The vessel race or Vallam Kali directed on the backwaters is an awe-inspiring occasion and the biggest one is arranged amid the 1.5 KM long Nehru Trophy Race. The boats are snake shaped and are oar driven by hundreds of men. This group sporting activity is also a way to determine the winner of the produce in this land. The Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race is arranged during the state festival of Onam. Many people visit the backwaters to enjoy and participate in this event. So to see this race visit during festivals. So definitely visit the Alleppey Backwaters in Kerala, India to witness this great Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race.

Tickets Charges

100 INR per person (Lawn); 200 INR per person (Lake View); 300 INR per person (All View); 500 INR per person (Victory Line); 800-1500 INR per person (Rose Corner); 2000 INR< per person (Tourist Silver); 3000 INR per person (Tourist Gold)

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