Orvakal Rock Garden, Andhra Pradesh

Orvakal Rock Garden (also known as Orvakallu) situated about 20 kilometers from Kurnool is a 1000 acre Sculpture Garden park with the ancient cave. Silica and Quartz are the main components found in these igneous rocks. The rocks are formed around a natural lake and this in fact magnifies the serene sight of the place. The Orvakal Rock Garden is efficiently developed by The AP Tourism, with a restaurant at the entrance and small cottages spread all over the garden. On reaching the highest point of the garden, you will feel rewarded with a spectacular view of the lake that has wide open area and blue skies in the background.

Another attraction of Orvakal Rock Garden is at the hilltop, where there is an extraordinary metal animal garden with several large animal structures constructed with iron scraps. You can also witness the Paleolithic era Kethavaram Rock Paintings on one of the stretch of the garden. The idle time to visit Kurnool is from October to March as the weather is the most pleasant then and the lake is filled with water that beautifies the beautiful place. It is a beautiful tourist spot, where one can sit and enjoy the calmness of the garden; it is a beautiful picnic destination for families away from the city hustle bustle. Orvakal Rock Garden is not just a tourist or picnic destination; it has also become a famous film shooting spot for the Telugu film Industry. Truly, the Orvakal Rock Garden is a wonder in itself to say the least.


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