Phanigiri Buddhist Site, Andhra Pradesh

Phanigiri is a Buddhist site located in Suryapet, a district in the Indian state Telangana. The name Phanigiri is derived from Phani which means snake and Giri which refers to a hill; the shape of the hill seems like a snake. Therefore the Buddhist site was named Phanigiri. Earlier the name of the site Phanigiri was known as Dharmachakra Puram.

The Phanigiri Buddhist site is one of the oldest Buddhist sites which go back to the 1st century BC. The footprints of Gautam Buddha were also said to be found in the same site, therefore this site is very famous amongst the believers of Gautam Buddha. Inscriptions engraved on the stone were also excavated from the site and the archaeologists are still excavating various structures and monuments from the site.

Recently a rare life-size statue was said to be found in the site during excavation, the origins of the statue are yet to be verified. Since new monuments are being excavated every now and then, the Phanigiri Buddhist side is being protected by the Archaeology and Museum Department of the state. Although the tourists are welcome to worship Buddha and to learn more about the Buddhist culture, due to excavation issues there is a restriction in certain places. Certain sections of the site are closed for excavation and security issues. Apart from these particular sections, there are other areas like the Viharas where tourists will be able to enjoy their time understanding how the Buddhist monks used to live and meditate for long hours.


Phanigiri can be visit during the day time from 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM

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