Prosopis Cineraria, India

Prosopis cenneraria is a plant species in the genus Prosopis. It is commonly known as mesquite (nahuatl mizquitl, from Nahuatl mexquitl "bean"). Trees of all ages are extremely well-suited for desert conditions and display a wide range of adaptations to aridity. Many parts of plants are used by humans. Some species have become invasive species in certain areas.

Prosopis cenneraria also known as Shami tree in Hindi and tree is highly sacred for Hindus, which is represented Lord Shani, the Saturn planet plant (Yellow colored bristled flowers variety) and Shami tree is worshiped on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami or Dussehra festival.

Mesquites are well adapted to desert conditions; they efficiently collect water through their extensive root systems and store it in large, fleshy trunks. Because of this, mesquite forest is more drought-tolerant than other desert vegetation. Mesquite trees can grow very large without water; the world's tallest mesquite tree is 97 feet (30 meters) tall, located near Leakey, Texas. The trunk diameter can be up to 10 feet (3 meters). Mesquites do not bloom after a set number of years like most trees do

The Prosopis cineraria is an exotic invasive tree species with a lot of potentials. The wood is strong and hard, and has been used to make furniture, carvings and many other items.

Prosopis cenneraria can be grown on most soils, with little need for fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation. In fact, it requires little to no water at all, making it suitable for growing in areas where there are water shortages.

Prosopis cenneraria can produce up to 10 tons of biomass per acre per year under the right conditions (1). It also produces a high quality charcoal which is often used for cooking in areas where there are fuel shortages or as a substitute for firewood (2).

The Prosopis cineraria is a pioneer species, meaning that it grows quickly during the early stages of ecological succession. This makes it ideal for reforesting degraded land.

Prosopis cenneraria is also good for erosion control because of its deep roots and ability to grow on even steep inclines. Because of this ability it can be used as a buffer against desertification both in the pastures of ranches and the farmlands of developing countries (3).


Hindu Theology, the Shami plant represent to Saturn Planet (Shani Graha / Lord Shani).

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