Raibenshe Folk Dance with Martial Arts, West Bengal

Raibenshe, also known as Raibenshi, is a folk dance of India that is primarily performed in the Indian State of West Bengal. This dance is basically an Indian folk dance that belongs to the martial arts genre. The striking point about this Raibenshe folk dance is that it is performed by males only; females are strictly prohibited from being a part of it. Presently the dance is performed mainly in Birbhum and Bardhaman District. Technically, the dance involves some strenuous and vigorous steps that showcase manly courage and potency. One could also witness the acrobatics of a Raibansh in this Raibenshe Dance. Raibansh means a long bamboo stick. Brass anklets are worn by the performers on their right ankles. The anklet is known as Nupur in their local language. The performers draw swords and other artillery as if they are actually in a war and that is what makes a tinge of drama added to the folk dance.

The Raibenshe folk dance is accompanied by Dhols and Kanshis, which are better known as drums and cymbals. So basically, the dance was performed by the bodyguard of landlord of the medieval Bengal. The community that performs this is known as Bagdi Community.

The Raibenshe folk dance goes down well with the people of other states of the Country even today because it is a blend of martial arts with dance. And almost all the countrymen are a great admirer of art belonging to the martial genre. So if you are one of them too, do be a spectator of this dancing event sometime somewhere down the line.

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Bhaskar Sarkar
28 October 2020
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Bhaskar Sarkar
28 October 2020

Is this type of dance only perform in Bengal?