Ramoche Temple, Tibet

The Ramoche Temple is located in the north western part of Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. To its south is Jokhang and west is Potala. Also known as the sister temple of Jokhang, the shrine is said to be constructed to house the famous Jowo Rinpoche statue. The statue was supposedly brought in a wooden card to Tibet on the occasion of welcoming Princess Wencheng. The Ramoche Temple was built in authentic Chinese style and lined beautifully with Chinese architecture.

The year 1959 witnessed the destruction of the beautiful piece of art. In 1983 the lower part and the upper part of the temple was found in the Lhasa rubbish tip and Beijing respectively. In the year 1986 the two disjoint parts of the temple were again amalgamated to a single piece by Ri ‘Bur Sprul Sku.

After the massive restoration work which took place in 1986, the present temple is structured in three stories. The main entrance of the temple building is lined with ten pillars intricately carved and designed with traditional local symbols and relics like lotus, jewellery, flower, Tibetan characters and coiling clouds. In the first floor, the large open skylight covered space opens a beautiful scripture hall and the Buddhist palace corridors. The second floor houses a chapel of Buddha showcased as the King of Nagas, where regular prayers and hymn recitation takes place. The second floor also has numerous spacious residential compartments. The third floor is reserved as the slumber quarter of the celebrated Dalai Lama.

Ramoche Temple

Ramoche Temple open at 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Entry Fees

20 Yuan per person

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