Tertali Folk Dance, Madhya Pradesh

Among many popular folk dances prevalent in the centrally located Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Tertali deserves special mention. It is considered to be one the oldest form of folk dances in the central Indian state which is also the cultural hub of India. The dance is an extravagant display of rituals with different types of dance incorporated in a single performance. Kamar tribes, a minor community in Madhya Pradesh presents Tertali folk dance with their unique rituals. This renowned tribal dance is also known as ‘TeraTali’ by the locals.

Tertali is performed by the female clan of the tribe. 2-3 female dancers commenced the performance while bending on the floor. Their heads are covered with hat or petha. The faces of the performers are covered with veil and small metallic cymbals locally called ‘manjiras’ tied on different portions of their physique. They create a perfect melody by striking on the cymbals knottedon their feet with the ones on their hands. The dancers clench a small blade between the teeth and balance a decorated earthen pot on the head while dancing with sharp hand & leg movements.

Their movements perfectly synchronized with the upbeat rhythm of the instruments and the tune of the songs. This vigorous dance performance is accompanied with the vocal singing of local folk songs and drumming. This unique style of dancing even attracts various dance troupes of Western countries who are travelling to these places in India to get proper training from the professionals of these prevalent Tertali dance forms.

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