Vazhachal Waterfalls, Kerala

The vazhachal waterfalls are the one which have gushing streams of white water. It is 249 meters in height. The vazhachal waterfalls are significant from the point of view of ornithologists. This place is a house of many vibrant and rare bird species. One such endangered bird species is Hornbill which thrives only here in the entire Western Ghats. There are many types of plants and animals found in the dense rainforests lying on the edge of these waterfalls. So, many travelers visit the rocky and uneven forest terrain and get delightful glimpses of many rare animals, birds, and plants. This is a habitat for Cochin forest cane turtle, lion-tailed macaque, and Nilgirilangurs. They click awesome photos and satisfy the photographer in them. It is a lovely spot for picnic lovers where the families have a get together at the most scenic water body. There are no cafes and restaurants in the vicinity so; the picnickers are suggested to carry all the food and eatables with them. Monsoons and winters are the ideal seasons to be there. So, it is advisable to plan the trip according to the season and visit here in these months.

Although taking walks in the water pool is enjoyable, but swimming and bathing there is not allowed. This place is well connected with roadways. The nearest railway station is just 2 hours ride from this place. Cochin international airport is the nearest airport to visit these waterfalls. The local tourism industry is based on these scenic waterfalls.


Best time to visit Vazhachal Falls during the 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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