Veeranpuzha Lake, Kerala

One of the most astonishing lakes in Kochi, is the Veeranpuzha Lake and the one of largest water body of the backwaters. Although the Veeranpuzha lake Cochin, Kerala does not have fresh water, it is an abode for the fishermen. It is their daily bread and a hub for the tourists as well. One of the most beautiful facts about this place is that the land adjacent to this lake has huge amounts of lush green cultivation. One can look at it as a smooth green velvet carpet.

Being located at an untouched place, that is yet to be discovered by most of the tourists, the Veeranpuzha lake Cochin, Kerala depicts the raw beauty of nature. If you like to live amongst the rural tribes, watch them carry out their daily chores such as fishing cooking, then this is the best place to be. It is almost fascinating to know that the favourite past time of the habitants of this place is watching the sunset and sunrise beyond the lake.

Monsoons are the best season to visit the Veeranpuzha lake due to the famous water festivals that are organised by the locals in co-ordination with the tourism department. It is highly recommended for the tourists to visit this place in order to experience raw and natural beauty, before it gets taken away by the industrialists who have already started to set their foot in the region. Check out the aquatic life, the culture of the tribes, as well as the beautiful sunset, before all of it gets taken away by the big business people. It is indeed a very nice place and a one to be visited as well.

Commutation is recommended both by air and rail. By air, you have to get off at the Cochin International airport which is roughly 20kms from the Veeranpuzha Lake. By rail, you can either get off at Kochi railway junction or at the Kochi Harbor Terminus.

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