Traditional Indian Market Tourism

Traditional Indian markets are unorganized unlike the categorized and classified shopping centres & supermarkets we see today. They are largely makeshift settlements that have been laid down by farmers and hawkers to peddle their wares. Traditional Indian markets are called bazaars and a bazaar is home to a wide plethora of items, starting from vegetables, fruits and groceries to daily use items, meat and fish. While bazaars do reek of dust and dirt and lack of cleanliness, however they are your best bet for absolutely farm fresh vegetables and live fish at cost effective rates. Unlike a modern shopping center or supermarket, the produce is not cleaned and trimmed and then stored for purchase. Rather vegetables and fruits are brought by trucks and other transportation vehicles from farms to the bazaars in the cities where the vendors can have a higher bid for their produce. Even meat and fish are slaughtered alive in front of the customers when they make a certain request.

As gory as it sounds, Indian bazaars are still the best bet for genuine and fresh food items at cost effective rates. However a bazaar in India is not strictly limited to selling only food items but often artisans and craftsmen use the space to display their crafts to wider audiences. Bazaars are also the best destination to sample genuine Indian spices at bargain prices.