72 Jinalaya Jain Temple, Gujarat

Jain temples are often thought of a work of beauty, such is their structure and ambiance. The state of Gujarat is home to many Jain temples of immaculate beauty of which 72 Jinalaya Jain temple is one. Built with the base of white marble, the temple gives an impression of elegance unmatched by many.

Located on the Bhuj-Mandvi road a good 10kms ahead of Mandvi, this one is sure to make you go mesmerized with its beauty. The temple and its complex are known by as Bauter Jinalaya. The temple is renowned for the intricacy and the beautiful architectural design that it bears. It has a gorgeous design done on the white marble base that is used. The temple dates back to 1982 when the construction of it was started. The temple still undergoes some new upheaval or development once in a while. The 72 Jinalaya temple has skilled craftsmanship who worked with a delicate touch to give the temple the aesthetics it desires.

The temple has a large land area and is spread across 80 acres. The temple complex features an octagonal shape which harbors the 72 Jinalaya and has the main temple at the center of it in another building. The central temple has the idol of Lord Mahavira, also known by as the 24th Thirthankara. The other 72 Jinalaya is dedicated to other Thirthankaras. The temple also has a Dharamsala and a big Bhojanalaya or the canteen to serve the meals. This place is perfect for religious worshippers who want to experience the peace under the tutelage of religion.


72 Jinalaya Jain Temple open at 06:00 AM to 09:00 PM

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