Aati Kalenja Folk Dance, Karnataka

Aati Kalenja happens to be one of the most significant dance forms practiced in the Indian State of Karnataka. The Aati Kalenja folk dance is mainly performed by the local Tulu people who belong to Tulu Nadu, India. Tulu Nadu is one such Indian region that is known far and wide for its rich culture. The Tulu people worship the God of agriculture, the Sun God, the rain and all those natural resources. The dance procedure involves going from door to door, sprinkling water, which is but a mixture of charcoal, turmeric, and Tamarind powder. The reason behind sprinkling the water is to do away with all misfortunes that might have fallen on either the people or the cattle. There is a common belief amongst the locals that it is of utmost importance to celebrate the dance festival in the month of July and August.

The one who leads the folk dance of Aati Kalenja dances to the melodic tunes of the drums, which is called Tembere in Tulu culture and is actually a part of their divine culture. The one who accompanies the leader in the dance show sings a song which is called as Aateek Bath the Aati Kalenja. The theme of the song portrays the story of a spirit.

With the development in science, technology, education, increased employment, and other social aspects, this traditional ritual folk art on the constant verge of on diminishing, and now it is very hard to find this art being practiced in the Tulu community.

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