Agam Kuan, Bihar

Agam Kuan (unfathomable well) is an ancient properly and archaeological website in Patna, India, Bihar. It is stated thus far again to the duration of Mauryan emperor, Ashoka (304–232 BCE). Circular in shape, the properly is lined with brick in the upper thirteen metres (forty three feet) and incorporates wooden rings in the remaining 19 metres (62 toes). The nicely turned into refurbished all through the reign of Emperor Akbar and a roofed structure turned into built around the nicely. This round structure has been geared up with eight home windows that are well positioned.

During the 1890s, the British explorer, Laurence Waddell, whilst exploring the ruins of Pataliputra, diagnosed Agam Kuan as the legendary well built by means of Ashoka for the purpose of torture earlier than he embraced Buddhism, as part of Ashoka’s Hell chambers. The torture exercise becomes additionally mentioned by way of Chinese guests (most possibly Fa-Hien) of the 5th and 7th centuries A.D.

The nicely is stated to have been used to torture convicts through throwing them into the hearth that used to emanate from the nicely. Ashoka’s Edict no. VIII makes mention of this well, which turned into also known as “fiery well” or “hell on this planet”. Another famous legend states that this was the well where Ashoka threw ninety nine of his elder 1/2-brothers after killing them to obtain the throne of the Mauryan Empire.

According to a delusion, the well has a subterranean link with the Patala (netherworld) or hell; this became inferred on the idea that a saint discovered a heavy log in the nicely which was speculated to were lost within the sea.


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