Agra Fort, Uttar Pradesh

The Agra Fort (Red Fort) is one of the most famous monument after the Taj Mahal in the city of Agra. The Red Fort was the main residence of the Mughal Dynasty till capital was shifted from Agra to Delhi, during the year 1638. The Agra fort is one of the three World Heritage Sites in Agra. The Agra Fort is one of the most important and robustly built stronghold of the Mughals, embellished with number of richly decorated buildings encompassing the imposing Mughal style of art and architecture.

The Sikandar Lodhi (1487-1517) was the first Sultan of Delhi to shift his capital from Delhi to Agra. After Sikandar Lodhi, died in the year of 1517, his son Ibrahim Lodhi held the fort for 9 years until he was defeated and killed in 1526. Many palaces, wells and a mosque were built in the fort during the Lodhi period.

When Babur sent his son Humayun to Agra, he captured the fort and seized a vast treasure, which included the world famous "Koh-i-noor" diamond as well. Babur built a baoli (step-well) here. Humayun was coronated here in 1530.

Akbar arrived in Agra in 1558 and he ordered to renovate the fort with red sandstone and some 4,000 builders daily worked on it and it was completed in 8 years period from 1565 to 1573. The Agra Fort worked both as a military strategic point as well as the royal residence.

Agra Fort has two main entrances – Amar Singh Gate and Delhi Gate. The Agra Fort contains all the paraphernalia of the Mughal government- halls of public and private audience (Diwan-i-am and Diwan-i-khas), Jehangir Mahal, Khas Mahal, Musamman Burj, Sheesh Mahal ("harem" or dressing room that employs the most sophisticated water engineering designs), Nagina Masjid ( private mosque for the ladies of the court. ), Moti Masjid.

The Climate of Agra is comfortable throughout the year and transportation and Accommodations is not an issue in agra, it's well connected city by rail, road and air.


Agra Fort open at Sunrise to Sunset

Entry Fees

40 (Indians), 550 (foreigners), 80 (SAARC & BIMSTEC Nationals), Entry is free for children up to 15 yrs

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