Alwal Lake, Telangana

Alwal Lake is an artificial lake that stretches to 8 kilometers in the northern part of Secunderabad in the city of Hyderabad. Alwal Lake is a perfect spot for those who love fishing. The lake is rife with a number of fish which the fishing practitioners usually aim at. The beauty of the lake is that it is a spectacular one, and it's not just the locals who cherish it but others touring and visiting just love it as well. But the other aspect of the lake is quite dark or perhaps a question over the credibility of the Municipality. In recent years, the lake has become drastically polluted. As a result, the beauty of the lake is on its way downwards. The pollution level of the lake has now reached an alarming rate where even the by-passers found is extremely odious to face it.

Now the locals have lost all the hopes of gaining their lake back to the appreciable natural beauty. The Municipality does not regard it as their own responsibility to summon a community to cleanse the lake up till the very depth. But instead of regarding it just the responsibility of the Municipality, the locals too should maintain active participation in the whole process. Then only Alwal lake could retain its real position. In-spite of all this, the locals try and preserve the lake so that tourists can visit it for its natural beauty.


Secunderabad Alwal Lake can be visit during the day time from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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