Ambika Mata Temple, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Ambika Mata Mandir is located in a village called Jagat in the Udaipur district of the state Rajasthan, in India, Ambika Mata Temple is dedicated to Ambika Devi. Ambika Devi is another form of Goddess Durga, and the shrine present in this temple is said to be some source of energy or Shakti which is the pure energy of the goddess.

This temple was built in the year 961 AD and has been maintained by several organizations over the years. It is now being protected and preserved by the Archaeology and Museum department of the state Rajasthan. Ambika Mata or Ambika Devi is considered as the presiding deity of the village.

The scriptures on the walls and the stones present in the temple showcases a variety of tales of Ambika Devi or Goddess Durga. And the idol of Goddess Durga shows the fierceness which represents the power of the goddess. This temple is also connected to Jain religion, therefore devotees from different religions visit this temple. Tourists from across the states and globe definitely add Ambika Mata Temple to the list of places to visit when they are visiting Udaipur.

Apart from the idol of Goddess Durga or Ambika Devi, idols of Goddess Lakshmi and other devis are also present in the temple. The temple was built according to the Maru Gurjara architecture style, therefore, it is slightly different from other temples built in that of the 10th century. It is a one of kind temple which you should visit once in a lifetime.


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