Bahu Fort, Jammu and Kashmir

The Bahu fort was built along with the city of Jammu and has a history of being demolished and reconstructed again. It has a beautiful garden and also houses a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali which is known by the locals as ‘Bawe Wali Mata Temple’.

The current fort was reconstructed during the 19th century by the then king, Maharaja Gulab Singh, who also established the temple of Goddess Kali. During the Bahu Mela, held twice during the Navratras, a huge number of devotees and pilgrims arrive here to receive the blessings of their tutelar deity.

Located opposite to the town of Jammu, the Bahu Fort is at a height of 325 meters from mean sea level. The fort comprises eight octagonal towers connected to each other through thick walls made up of sandstone, lime, and mortar. A water tank is present inside the left entry of the fort in which pilgrims are allowed to bathe. The fort also houses many buildings such as the pyramidal ammunition store and underground prison chamber which were used in the past. The first floor of the Bahu fort has been beautifully built with arches and floral designs to resemble like a palace.

Located along the rocky banks of Tawi River, the Bahu Fort is located on a high plateau. The surrounding forest has been developed into a beautiful park known as the ‘Bagh-e-Bahu’. Being just 5 kilometers away from the Jammu city center, the fort and park act as a major attraction and are popular among tourists for the beautiful scenery it provides.


Bahu Fort open at 08:00 AM to 10:00 PM in Summer season and in Winter season fort open at 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM - Everyday

Entry Fees

10 INR per adult and 5 INR per child

Aquarium Entry Fees

20 INR per adult and 10 INR per child


50 INR per still Camera

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