Bala Quila Fort, Rajasthan

Alwar is known as the gateway to the Indian royal state - Rajasthan. This quaint town of Rajasthan boasts of some of the very famous forts and historical places. Bala Quila is one of them. It is also called as the Alwar Fort. By the virtue of its location in the Aravalli mountain range just above the city, it is also referred to as the guardian of the Alwar city. Bala Quila fort is a standout amongst the most notable tourist destinations in Alwar. Indeed, a number of visitors come in for their vacations to Alwar and they make sure that Bala Quila is not missed when they are in this Rajasthani city. Spanning over an area of 5 kilometres, this huge fort stands stern at a stature of 1000 feet. Bala Quila implies the young fort. However, looking at the humongous size, it is nothing short of a goliath of a structure made by man.

This huge bala quila was first built in the year 1550 by Hasan Khan Mewati, but this fort has seen different royal houses rule over. Alwar was passed on from one dynasty to another. It has seen the control of Mughals, Khanzadas, Marathas, Jats, Yadavas and Pathans. Despite all that, the fort still stands as tall as ever. This fort is an incredible site to visit amid evenings. The timings for the fort are from 10 am to 5 pm and it is open seven days a week. Aside from its rich history, it also gives an astounding view of the Alwar city from a height of more than 300 meters. This fort is really massive and covers an area of 1.6 kms from east to west and 5 kms from north to south. There are six doors in the fort standing as a statement to the boldness and valour of the Rajputs which is extremely outstanding.


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