Balpakram National Park, Meghalaya

The Balphakram or Balpakram which means (land of perpetual winds) national park is a very vast table land of thick forest which covers an area of 200 square meters and is blessed with charming grace and breath-taking scenes. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife and breeding place for resident and migratory birds. The Balpakram national park has the varied types of flora and fauna compositions and no doubt this is one of the places which is rich in biodiversity in the country of India.

There are many forms of rare and exotic species of flora and fauna found in Balpakram National Park which attracts a lot of elite and professional naturalist, botanist and zoologist. This national park is also home to the only ape species found in India, the Hillock Gibbons. The other animals that can be seen in this park are great Indian Hornbill, leopard, wild cats, deer and lots of other animal and bird’s species which one could rarely see.

Further to inform one can see the rare lesser panda too here. We come across many plants as well which are rare to see like the pitcher plant, orchids, and many more of these plants which attract tourists and people who like trekking and like to explore the wildlife. Balpakram National Park is also famous for a variety of very rare herbs of great medicinal value known as “Dikges” which is grown abundantly in this park. There is a deep gorge in this Balpakram park and is also compared to the Grand Canyon of USA. The Balpakram park no doubts is a travellers’ paradise and a must place to visit in Meghalaya.


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