Bangalore Fort, Karnataka

The Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore – is also regarded for its historical sites. Though the city doesn’t receive much attention on historical front, but it does boast of its sites which are captivating and belong to the royal heritage of the country. One such historical site includes the royal fort of Bangalore called as Bangalore fort or the Tipu Sultan fort. This gorgeous fort was originally built by Kempe Gowda (founder of Bangalore) as a Mud Fort in the year 1537. Eventually, Tipu Sultan’s father Hyder Ali modified this fort into a stone fort. Located close to the bustling Krishna Rajendra City Market at the intersection of Albert Victoria Road and Krishna Rajendra Road this fort has seen the test of time. The struggle of Mysore’s kings against the British army and hatred towards the British Empire is all depicted on the sculptures and motifs present inside the fort.

The Tipu Sultan Fort is a noticeable landmark of Bangalore, Karnataka and it portrays Islamic style of delicate architecture and design. The royal residence was built by Tipu Sultan and he called it as "Rash e Zannat" which implies "Envy of Heavens". This castle was utilised as a summer retreat by the Sultan and was created totally out of teak wood making a striking masterpiece of architecture. Islamic workmanship enhances the interior of the castle with engravings of, "Abode of Happiness" inscribed all over the place. The teak wood interiors make the people get intrigued to find more about history of Tiger of Mysore which Tipu was lovingly called. There are two stories in the castle with chambers and balconies and four little rooms and a huge lobby and impeccably cut wooden pillars. The murals and compositions on the walls portray the tales of royal valour and gallantry of the Sultan. Ganpati Temple situated in the complex of the Bangalore fort is worth a visit and the gardens encompassing the castle are gorgeous.


Bangalore Fort open at 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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25 INR (Cash Payment) / 20 INR (Online Payment) per Indian visitors and 300 INR (Cash Payment) / 250 INR (Online Payment) per Foreign visitors. (Children below 15 years of age free)

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