Barada Nati Folk Dance, Uttarakhand

Locals of the towns in Uttarakhand believe that dance does not just entertain people but also impresses gods. Barada Nati is one such folk dance forms performed by the people of Jaunsar Bhawar that is located in the Chakrata hill station in Uttarakhand.

One gets to see men and women dressed in beautiful clothes as they perform a drama out of the dance. The Barada Nati is a story that is embedded into a dance form. Special occasions are selected in order to prepare for this wonderful piece of art where the boys and girls, very enthusiastically entertain the local crowd that attends the function. One can call it a tribal dance too because it started off by the Jaunsar tribe performing the dance. People from all over the state participate in this act and it is attended by people from all over the country.

The major goal of the Barada Nati folk dance is to rejuvenate the people from their stressful lives. It is a reminder to those who have forgotten the actual essence of life and enjoyment. By being happy from within, one is able to please the gods which is why this dance is performed on specific occasions.

Even if there is a new birth or a marriage in the district, this dance is performed in order to celebrate life in the most joyous manner possible and to bless the person with eternal happiness.

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Nalini M
26 January 2021

Dance pattern of barada nati dance form?

Tanisha Reddy
26 December 2020

is there application of mathematics in barada nati ? ?

Kundanika R
18 December 2020

Dance of barada nati?