Bedara Vesha Folk Dance, Karnataka

Bedara Vesha happens to be one of the most majestic folk dances which is performed in the Indian State of Karnataka. This folk dance is performed mainly by a certain group or community of people who are called the Sirsians. They are known as Sirsians because these people belong to a town which is called by the name Sirsi. There is a tradition in this town of Sirsi that every night before the pious festival of Holi, the Bedara Vesha dance is performed and that too on an alternative basis. It is more of a blend of art, culture, history, and passion. Every year this festival and the fill dance attracts a large number of people not only from the local areas but also from other countries besides the other statesmen of the country. The exquisite use of vibrant and natural colors make it a grand show that makes it certainly worth watching.

The theme of the whole dance is centralized on a supreme figure who is a fierce tribesman. The one who is the clad is extravagantly colored and adorned attired. The face of this tribesman is painted in such a way so as to give a frightening look with a cotton ball being placed on his nose in order to give the impression of a hideous creature.

The central character is supported by almost fifteen other men. The practice starts almost a week before the Bedara Vesha dance, and the final day of performance presents a spellbinding scene, glorious enough to make your heart pound.

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