Belon Devi Mandir, Uttar Pradesh

Rao Bhup Singh constructed the Belon devi temple. The particular date of the temple’s construction is unknown. The goddess Sarva Mangala Devi is said to have regarded in his dream once. Goddess commanded him to recover her idol, which became buried under the floor, and to build a temple in her honor. Rao Bhup Singh had forgotten the precise location where the idol turned into buried by means of the following morning. He performed Satchandi Havan on the recommendation of a clergyman. On that night time, the Goddess regarded in his dream and informed him wherein the idol turned into buried. The following morning, the people commenced digging. They discovered the idol but were not able to dispose of it because the idol’s foot became untraceable. Goddess advised Rao Bhup Singh that her one foot is within the netherworld and that he have to construct the temple here.

The village’s historical call, Belon, is derived from Bilwan, which refers to its groves or a wooded area of bael trees. Belon temple is a very antique Hindu temple and is also important Hindu pilgrimage web page. The temple is dedicated to Sarva Mangala Devi, the goddess of all wellness. A go to to the temple is thought to carry happiness in all aspects of one's existence. Pilgrims come from many elements of Uttar Pradesh to capture a glimpse of mother goddess, to carry out prayers.


Belon Devi Mandir open from 06:00 AM to 12:00 PM and then 05:00 PM to 08:00 PM


Aligarh to Belon distance: 1 hr 16 min (fifty-six km) thru NH 509


Belon Temple Address: Narora, Belaun, Uttar Pradesh – 203389.

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