Bhatner Fort, Rajasthan

Bhatner fort is located in Hanumangarh, in Rajasthan (a state in India). This fort is one of the ancient forts of Rajasthan built in the year 295. It is said that the fort was built by the King Bhupat when he was searching for a shelter in the town. He had lost a battle with the Sultan of Ghazni and wanted to find a safe shelter; instead, he built a shelter with bricks and named the fort as Bhatner Fort. King Bhpat was the son of King Bhati who was the ruler of Jaisalmer; therefore he named his fort after his father - King Bhati. The fort is built in the middle of a forest, near the Ghaggar River.

The fort was later reconstructed by Sher Shah Suri, who was also known as Sher Khan, in the 14th century. He reconstructed the Fort of Bhatinda and Bhatner in the same year and strengthens the fort's pillar and turned it into a fort with strong defense system. Even in the book of "Tuzuk-e-Timuri", which is an Autobiography of Timur, it is mentioned that the Fort of Bhatner was considered as the strongest fort during the 14th century even if the fort was originally built in the year 295.

The Bhatner fort was occupied by various rulers over the years and the last Emperor who captured the fort was Emperor Soorat Singh, the ruler of Bikaner. Since he captured the fort on Tuesday and the day is considered as the Day of Lord Hanuman, the town was named as Hanumangarh.


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