Bhotiya Folk Dance, Uttarakhand

Bhotiya Dance is a ritual conducted by the Bhotiya or the Bhot ethnic group. This ethnic group is known for following Hinduism, Buddhism, and Bon religion; and the official language spoken by them are Ladakhi, Sherpa, Standard Tibetan and other Tibetan languages, Nepali and Hindi. Bhotiya tribe or ethnic group is located in the Trans-Himalayan region, which is connected with Uttarakhand and the tribe group was named in the Tibetan language.

Bhotiya Dance is a custom and a ritual followed by the Bhotiya ethnic group. This dance form has been passed down from centuries and not a single step has been changed over the years. It is one of the ancient dance forms present in India and is preserved according to the customs followed by the Bhotiya group. This dance form is supposed to be only performed by the locals who are the Bhotiya tribe. This dance performance is said to be helpful in liberating a person soul who has passed away, therefore this ritual and the rites are very important for the Bhotiya ethnic group.

According to the locals and legends, it is said that the people who have passed away in the Bhotiya region, their souls get trapped within the body of the goats and sheep present in the town. Performing this dance helps in liberating the souls of the Bhotiya tribe. Typical traditional dance like "Dhurang" and "Dhuring" are the dance forms of the local Bhotiya tribes in Uttarakhand and is performed during the death ceremonies and funerals of the family member who have passed away. This dance formation is very similar to that of the dance styles present amongst the tribes in Himachal Pradesh and in Nagaland.

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Mahendra Singh Gunjiyal
24 April 2023
आप लोग बिना किसी रिसर्च के कुछ भी लिख देते है। लानत है।

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12 December 2022

what clothes do they wear during the bhotiya folk dance?

Hiranmaye V
22 November 2021

When do they perform bhotiya dance?