Bhujia Fort, Bhuj, Gujarat

Step back in time and explore the Bhujia Fort or Bhujiya Fort, Kutch, Gujarat! This centuries-old fort is a popular tourist destination, and has been featured in several movies. Climb to the top of the fort for stunning views of the surrounding area, or explore the many rooms and hallways inside. Be sure to check out the museum, which features exhibits on the history of the fort and its inhabitants.

Let us now visit the destroyed yet lovely Bhujia Fort on the outskirts of Bhuj in Kutch. The Bhujang Nag Temple is the most well-known feature of Bhujia Fort nowadays. However, because it has not been maintained for several years, the majority of the stronghold has been wrecked. The Kutch Kingdom's monarch desired a defence fort to keep the Mughals, Rajputs, and Sindh rulers at bay. So, between 1700 and 1800 AD, Rao Godji I built this magnificent hill fort to keep a watch on the adversaries. It was built to defend Bhuj's city against invading armies. Bhujia Fort, like every other fort, was attacked. According to sources, this fort has seen six significant fights. A Mughal viceroy named Sher Buland Khan once besieged Bhujia Fort. When the battle against Sher Buland Khan's army was nearly done, some warriors from the Nag Bawa tribe infiltrated the fort and assisted the Kutch king in winning the battle.

According to folklore, Naga chieftains once dominated the Bhuj region. Bhujanga, the last Naga chieftain, was killed in one of the bloodiest conflicts. Later, the area where he lived was dubbed Bhujia Hill, and the town around it was dubbed Bhuj. Locals erected Bhujanga a temple, which is now known as Bhujang Nag Temple. The Naga deities in this region have been revered by the natives since this period.


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