Bhuvaneswari Temple, Guwahati, Assam

Bhuvaneswari Temple is an old temple, rooted on the Nilachal Hill in Guwahati, devoted to Goddess Bhuvaneswari. From the outside of the temple, the all-encompassing perspective of the whole city can be sighted in. Like the Kamakhya Temple, the Ambubachi Fair happens here also on a significant extensive scale because this temple too is committed to Goddess Durga.

The Bhuvaneswari Temple has surroundings that are tranquil to the point where you will be forced to invest more hours staying. In addition, the valley beneath will present an amazing perspective of the surroundings, something that the guests will not discover from anyplace in the location. The charming characteristic of the excellence mixed with the otherworldly climate does magic not simply on the aficionados coming here but on any individual visiting the place. Being an extremely sacred Hindu journey site, the temple draws in an expansive number of fans who originate from all over the country in search for the gifts of the god.

According to the Hindu folklore, Goddess Bhuvaneswari is considered as the ladylike leader of the universe. The otherworldly vibe of the place mixed with the magnificence of nature makes it a vital fascination of Guwahati. One can invest hours here respecting the excellence of the place and investing some energy in peace. Maa Bhuvaneswari Temple arranged atop of Nilachal Hills is a bit higher from Maa Kamakhya temple. Temple encompassing grants grand perspective of Guwahati city and Holy Brahmaputra River. This is an old Temple with a very quiet climatic ambience. The Bhuvaneswari Temple is located very near to Maa Kamakhya Devi Temple, so it is well connected to the spot through taxi cab service or through private car service. Guwahati is very much close to this temple and with all the conceivable methods for transportation one can go to the place via airway routes, railroads or roadways.


Bhuvaneswari Devi Temple open at 05:30 AM to 08:00 PM

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Riviera Riviera
03 November 2019

Is there parking space for private car's? How about the elevation??