Bojjannakonda, Andhra Pradesh

The Bojjannakonda is located forty-five kilometers away from Vishakhapatnam. It is said that this monument has a link with three period of the Buddhist stage. Formerly known as Buddhuni Konda, this monument is located on top of a hill from where you enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding. This is one of the most graceful creations by the Buddhists which include fine rock cut caves, stupas and monasteries. This place has been declared by the UNESCO as a heritage site.

Inside the Bojjannakonda, there are 4th and 9th Century 6 rock cut caves inside which there is a statue of the great Lord Buddha. A number of unique antiques have been found too inside this rock caves. This place welcomes a large number of tourists during the occasion of Vaisakha Pournami. However, during the occasion, the management isn’t up to the mark. Compared to the number of people visiting this place during this time, the transportation facility is lacking. Not only this, the police security is also very less. The authorities are lagging in maintaining the place. A heritage place has now turned into a sheer picnic spot. Greater security control and proper maintenance is needed though. The Archaeological Survey of India takes the responsibility of maintaining this place.

The best time to visit Bojjannakonda is during the winters. It is best to avoid going to this place during April to August. There are three railway stations near to this palce. The Anakapalle railway station is 5.08 kilometers from the place. The Simhachalam railway station and Simhachalam North railway station is 28.74 km away.


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