Chamera Lake, Himachal Pradesh

Located at a height of 1700 meters above sea level, Chamera lake forms a concrete place to be visited by tourists, travellers as well as local people of Himachal Pradesh. Summertime is a very difficult time for states that lie in the Northern parts of India such as Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, etc. Himachal is one of the closest hilly areas that is nearby these states. Chamera Lake is actually a reservoir and is active throughout the year. Due to the fact that it is a place from where water is supplied to parts of Dalhousie and even beyond that town, this place is always open for visitors. Summer season is the peak season for any hill station which is why the best time to visit this lake is in the winters if you wish to avoid the rush.

You can participate in activities such as boating, fishing, as it is surrounded by lush green vegetation all around. Also, the Chamera Lake is a man-made lake and not a natural one, yet the beauty of the place is so natural that it can actually stun you. It is safe to enjoy the water activities at this area because the Himachal Tourism Department has built places that conduct these water sports under the supervision of trained people. You need to be careful of one fact though, that the temperature in summers is quite high, especially during the day time and then suddenly falls rather drastically below 18 degrees after the sun sets, which is another reason why the best time to visit this place is during the winter time.


Chamera lake can be visiting during the 07:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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