Chhapeli Folk Dance, Uttarakhand

Chhapeli is a traditional dance form performed in Uttarakhand, a state in India previously known as Uttaranchal. This dance form is based on the culture of the local Uttarakhand tribe as actual lovers usually perform this form of dance. According to the customs, rituals and the traditions of the local tribe, men and women performing the dance should be lovers who want to enhance the bond between their relationships. According to the legend, the couples who perform the Chhapeli dance together strengthen their relationship while dancing with colourful clothing and instruments in hand.

Women while dancing carry a mirror in their left hand and a colourful handkerchief in the right hand while dancing to the music and the men carry a Hudukka on their left shoulder while playing it. The drums and other instruments are slightly different from the traditional classical music instruments present in India. The instruments used are the traditional instruments used by the locals in Uttarakhand and are equally mesmerizing. The music produced by these instruments is bright and upbeat in nature. Some of the instruments used to perform the dance are Hurka, Manzira and Flute.

It is not necessary that the dancer must be lovers since the locals are trying to preserve the culture and the traditions, many local tribes who are not lovers are being taught about the Chhapeli dance form. The dance form is all about love, joy, beauty and romance. Through this dance form you will be able to witness the variety of colours which can be seen when people are in love or are bringing joy to the world.

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