Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the well-known travelling regions in Kerala locale. The Wildlife Sanctuary of Chinnar is situated in the Kanthalloor and Marayoor panchayats in the Idukki locale of the South Indian Territory of Kerala. The location of the sanctuary is in the rain deprived district on eastern inclines of Western Ghats, bordering Tamil Nadu. This region is rich in ethnic social legacy and decent variety in a biological community.

Unlike any other natural asylums of Kerala, this sanctuary gets two months of rain each year. The Western Ghats including all of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and other wildlife mountain havens in the Anamalai extend is under the thought of being assigned as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. The lovely Sandalwood backwoods adjacent is exceedingly suggested for a trip. During a visit you can see crowds of elephants and gaur walking around calmly here. Dry deciduous woodlands, some prairie and high ranges provide a natural decent variety to the sanctuary. On a trip from Chinnar to Karimuthi, Sambar, Spotted Deer, peacocks and Hanuman Langur can be seen nearby the street. The great grizzled squirrel found in the Indian sub continent has made this Idukki sanctuary their home. With a population under two hundred, these are the most imperilled species in the world.

Its remarkable area in the Western Ghats has guaranteed it gets only about two months of precipitation yearly. The wildlife alongside the deciduous forest makes it a perfect zone for trekking fans. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary highlights two eco–shops, luxury cabins, interpretation centre, research cabin, and cafeteria to take into account the requirements of voyagers. The guests need to pay an ostensible measure of charge. The charge is distinctive for various areas of the sanctuary. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is well–associated with its adjacent urban areas and, accordingly, it can be effortlessly travelled by the guests. The accommodation in Sanctuary is available on the famous tree houses.


Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary open at 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Entry Fees

225 INR per person for trekking facility with guide, approx 3 hours on walk for 3 KM up and down.

Best Time to Visit

December to April - during Summer season, it's very hot and you may not see anything.

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