Christian Art Museum, Goa, Goa

The Christian Art Museum is a museum that was the first and only one of its kind in Asia, the largest continent in the world. Previously located at the Rachol Seminary at Rachol, the museum showcased its offerings near the town of Margao. However, its remote location prevented tourists from venturing here. Resultantly, it was soon relocated to the convent of Santa Maria in Old Goa.

The Christian Art Museum is often referred to as one of its kind. This is due to its rich cultural heritage. Originally conceived in 1994, the museum was set up with assistance from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation of Portugal and the National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage in New Delhi.

Upon entering the Christian Art Museum, you will find yourself greeted with numerous beautiful artifacts. These include a Pelican monstrance, a mother pelican feeding her young, and other such eye-catching pieces of art. Apart from and barring this, the collection also includes rosaries and other such items that are made out of gold and stone.

One of the most popular themes within the museum is the prevalence of St. Francis Xavier. The saint has been depicted on numerous artifacts that include silver plaques, panels of silver caskets, on image crowns, and numerous other ritualistic objects made in silver.The museum also contains numerous ivory pieces of art depicting the lives of Jesus, the Good Shephard, and other such entities that are sure to leave you spell-bound. This museum is undoubtedly one of the very finest pieces of monument. It is a mind-boggling museum.


Goa Museum Of Christian Art open at 09:30 AM to 05:00 PM

Entry Fees

50 INR per person


100 INR per photo Camera charge

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