Dekhni Folk Dance, Goa

Dekhni is a semi classical Goan dance form that can mainly be witnessed in the Indian State of Goa. In Konkani, the plural of Dekhni remains the same. Hanv Saiba Poltodi Vetam is one of the most famous Dekhni songs by Carlos Eugenio Ferreira that was initially published in Paris in 1895 and in Goa in the year 1926. The theme of the song is about two dancers who want themselves to be ferried across the river. The boatmen turn down their request and say that the river is rough and that he could not take the risk. But in the end the girls dance their hearts out so as to lure the boatmen into ferrying them across. Eventually, the boatmen throw in the towel and agree. Some other Dekhni songs include: -
1) Aretanddela
2) Tendulechimtendulim
3) Vaingemkazarzatamhunn
4) Voddekara
5) Vhoirvhoirdongrar
6) Xeutimmogrimabolim

Being one of the best and oldest forms of dance, Dekhni continues to be a heart-stirring dance form, the beauty of which continues to charm millions. The traditional folk dance gives an insight into the rich history of the great nation of India.

Whenever you get a chance of paying a visit to this majestic country, just have a look at this terrific dance form that would definitely thrill your heart with grace and exquisiteness. In the end, it will not be wrong to say that if ever feel life colorless, just go for Dekni. So do ensure to witness this dance form of Dekhni at least once in your entire lifetime.

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Anamika Rodrigues
14 December 2020

What kind of costume they wear?