Dhar Fort, Madhya Pradesh

Dhar fort is a strategic military outpost that used to be a fortified stronghold of every ruling dynasty in central India as a tribute to their royalty. Very strangely the construction of the Dhar fort was overseen by Mohammed Bin Tuglaq of the Tughlaq dynasty, a foreign invading ruler during the 11th century AD. This is the same time around which Raja Bhoj's legendary kingdom flourished so it comes across starkly that such military fortification was not dedicated to his visionary authority. The Dhar fort lies on the summit of a small rectangular hillock situated at a short distance of about 3 km from the township center, also known by the same name. Dhar Fort is specifically located in Central India, popularly known as the region of Malwa. Dhar is a district in the expansive central Indian state, Madhya Pradesh.

The hillock on which Dhar fort lies is at an elevation from ground level allowing its sentry and military forces a strategic advantage of over any invading forces. There sources used to construct this Fort is obtained from a small embankment comprising of black stone, red stone and solid murams. The principal entry way of the fortress stands facing the west. Dhar has always been the centre of significant and prominent military revolutions right since its inception. During mutiny resulting in the Great Sepoy Mutiny revolt of 1857, this fortress was the stronghold of Indian revolutionaries and as a display of their power held captive between the months of July and October. The Dhar fort complex holds many other artefacts of historic interest and importance such as the iconic ceremonial halls Kharbuja Mahal and the Sheesh Mahal.


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