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Located in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh, Dhar is one of the cleanest towns as well as the administrative headquarters of the state. It is well known for its history and culture. The historical places to visit in the city mark the historical presence of large dynasties from the bygone era.

Historical places to visit in Dhar are – Jahaz Mahal which has many ponds and is recommended to be visited during the monsoons when the ponds are full of water. Due to the fact that it is surrounded by many water bodies, it gives an impression of the palace floating on a river, hence the name Jahaz Mahal. Rani Roopmati Pavilion is another tourist spot that commands a visit. You feel like the King of the world when you reach the top of this fort because the view is just so magnificent. It has a well-built structure dedicated to the memory of Queen Roopmati. Hindola Mahal or the Swing Palace is one more famous tourist attraction. The structure of this place is such that it gives an impression of a building on a swing. Hashang Shah’s Tomb is a tomb that is entirely made of marble. Although it is a small structure but you will be stunned to see that the inspiration behind this building is the Taj Mahal.

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Places to Visit in Dhar

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Travel Guide Bagh Caves
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Bagh Caves

The Bagh Caves in Dhar is a group of rock cut monuments in Madhya Pradesh. The total number of nine caves and only five caves are open for travellers and other four caves is collapsed.

Travel Guide Dhar Fort
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Dhar Fort

The Dhar fort is a fort of massive historical importance and significance being the direct witness of many historical events starting right from the Middle Ages to the British India period.

Travel Guide Hindola Mahal Mandu
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Hindola Mahal

Hindola Mahal is located in Mandu, a city in Madhya Pradesh. The word Hindola Mahal means Swinging Palace in English and was constructed in the 15th century. It is a part of the Royal Palace, Hindola Mahal being the main meeting hall, also known as Darbar, of the palace.

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