Dindigul Fort, Tamil Nadu

The Dindigul Fort is a fort of strategic military importance on top of an isolate hill in the town of Dindigul in Tamil Nadu. Dindigul is about a four hour drive from the prominent temple town of Madurai, also in the state of Tamil Nadu. The history and the culture of the city of Dindigul are focussed and have grown around the Dindigul fort as the centre. It is a 17th-century hill fort that was built during the rule of Madurai Nayak dynasty by its ruling king Muthu Krishnappa Nayak in 1605. The Dindigul fort being of such strategic military importance had changed several hands of ownership thereon, with every ruling force establishing their supremacy by flaunting their command over the Dindigul fort. In the 18th century the fort passed on to Kingdom of Mysore, after which the Mughals used as their stronghold with Haider ali and Tipu Sultan having operated out of here.

Thereafter, the British Imperial forces announced their supremacy by capturing the Dindigul fort and using it for military advantage. The premises of this monumental timepiece still withhold some ruins of the glorious past including sealed cannons with ammunition within and an abandoned old temple. Visitors are allowed to explore every patch of the fort and it can be very adventurous taking a stroll down the tunnel system within the fort. The Archaeological Survey of India recognizes this marvel as a heritage monument and is committed towards its conservation including the brilliant various rock relief structures and motifs on the walls of the fort still evident for view.


Dindigul Fort open at 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM

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25 INR (Cash Pay) / 20 INR (Online Pay) per Indian Tourists and 300 INR (Cash Pay) / 250 INR (Online Pay) per Foreign Tourists. (Children below 15 years of age free)


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