Dwarkadhish, Dwarka

Dwarkadhish Temple is a most famous and spiritual place among the Hindu Pilgrimage. Dwarkadhish Temple dedicated to the lord Krishna and located in the Devbhumi Dwarka district of Gujarat in India. The Dwarkadhish Temple is one of the holy sites of Char Dham pilgrimage in India. Other Char Dham sites are the Badrinath, the Jagannath and the Rameswaram. Dwarkadhish temple popularly known as Jagad Mandir. Epic Stated, The temple was constructed by Vajranabha, the great grand son of Shree Lord Krishna. Dwarkadhish Temple has 5-storied building and supported by 72 pillars and the temple is very ancient about more then 4,000 - 5000 years old.

The Dwarkadhish temple was constructed with limestone, still is in very good condition. The temple shows complex sculptural detailing done by genealogy of dynasties that ruled the region. There are two entrances of the temple, the main entrance is called "Moksha Dwara" (The Door to Salvation) and another entrance is called "Swarga Dwara" (The Gate to Heaven).

Mythological Importance:

After the death of Lord Krishna symbolized the beginning of the Kali-Yuga (The Present Days), an age of strife, discord and quarrel. After The Lord Krishna's departure a massive flood swallowed up the city of gold Dwarka, and it is believed that the city was submerged by the ocean and rebuilt six times by different civilizations. The modern days Dwarka is the 7th such city to be built in this area.

Myth or Reality?

Recent research indicate these stories of ancient Dwarka have a historical basis. Thirty copper coins, old structures, a foundation of boulders, including a circular one and pottery samples dating back around 1500 BC were excavated.

The recent research on the deep water of Dwarka conducted by Archaeological Survey of India, reveals the existence of a city. The finding for the lost city was going on since 1930's. Investigation between 1983 and 1990 have declared a township that was built in six sectors along the banks of a river. They have also found a well fortified colony of Dwarka, that extended more than half a mile from the shore. The base of boulders on which the city walls were erected proves that the land was reclaimed from the sea. The common layout of the city of Dwarka described in ancient texts corresponds with that of the submerged city discovered by the Marine Archeology Unit (MAU)

Accessibility : The Dwarkadhish Temple is well connected through large road network and rail network, the direct buses available from Jamnagar and ahmedabad. The Railway station on the Ahmedabad-Okha broad gauge railway line, about 137 kms from Jamnagar, 217 kms from Rajkot and 378 kms from ahmedabad. Nearest airport is Jamnagar and distance about 137 kms


Jagad Mandir is open from 6.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 5.00 PM to 9.30 PM

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Comfortable throughout the year

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