Fort William, Kolkata, West Bengal

Every city in India has a fort or two but rarely the fort represents the city. Such a rarity is found in the Kolkata Fort William. This is one of the signature structures Kolkata that symbolizes the history and grace of the Cultural Capital of India. This was the house of British administration before and after the beginning of British Sovereign Rule of India. The Fort William that we know is in realty a two piece establishment. That’s right!

There are two Fort Williams in Kolkata. The first Fort William was built right after the inauguration of the Calcutta City. It was the time when the East India Company was expanding its colonial sprawl over Bengal. The fort was built by the Hooghly Ganges River as a presidential fortress of colonial rule with military bastions around it and was titled after then British King William III. Incourse of time the fort complex extended and the colonial works were flourishing.

It was in the year 1756, when Nawab of Bengal, Siraj Ud Daullah, attacked the fort and captured it briefly, that Robert Clive built another Fort William by the Maidan grounds. However, becoming victorious in the Battle of Plassey in year 1757, due to the Fort William integral safe room, the fort rose to prominence. The gothic structured and huge manicured complex of the Fort William makes it an architectural marvel. Currently it is an Indian army base. So to revise the history of Kolkata and relive the past, do take a tour of Fort William.


Fort William open at 10:00 AM to 05:30 PM

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Special permit needed to make the visit in Fort William.

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Nilarya Roy
14 August 2021

Is there is any old fort type monument inside ? I know that first one is not there, but fort William was built again in maidan. Pls answer my question ?