Gaumukh Gangotri, Uttarakhand

Gaumukh in Gangotri glacier of Uttarakhand is one of the holiest places for all the Hindus. One of the interesting features of this spot is that it is said that the exact spot from where the Ganga seems to be coming out, that is, the mouth of the source looks like the face of a cow and hence it has been named Gaumukh or the face of the cow. This has given birth to a myth stating that Goddess Ganga came out of Lord Shiva’s hair and this is resembled through the coming of the water from the face of the cow.

However, Ganga actually comes from a little far away from Gaumukh. From Gaumukh the river Bhagirathi forms which later on merges with the river Alkananda to form Ganga. Gaumukh which is almost always crowded throughout the whole year owing to its special place in the Hindu religion. Not only this, but it is also a favourite among the trekkers and the adventurers. Trekking the Gangotri glacier is very difficult due to its rough terrain and steep slopes however, on reaching the peak it seems to be all worth it.

The best time to visit this place is of course during the summer as it is a good excuse to escape the heat and enjoy the cool weather. It also tends to snow less in this period. Hence, one can visit it during the months of March- May. The rainy season should be avoided at all costs. The winter times are also quite hard. Truly a must visit place both for its beauty and spiritual significance.

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