Gawilghur Fort, Maharashtra

The city of Berar which is now known as Amravati is the place where the Gawilghur Fort is located. As the name suggests, it was once a mountain for cow herds who used to breed their cattle in the lowly mountains near the Fort. The history behind, when was this Fort built, is a little shady; however, historians suggest that this place would’ve been built by the Muzzafarid dynasty around the early 1400s. In the course of history, the Gawilghur Fort has experienced many rulers such as the Mughals, Nizams, Marathas, and even the British which is why it is right to say that this mountain has been exploited a lot. The British tried a lot, to rule over the Fort but the Marathas never backed down which is why it was given back to their original heirs. The beautiful piece stands as a landmark which signifies the torments it has gone through. It reveals exactly how history was and unveils the secrets behind the famous rulers.

When in the city of Amravati, do visit this place and check-out how beautiful ruins can be. The wide entrance looks like a huge gate to an entire city situated on a mountain. Cannons are still found on the terrace of the fort, and by looking at the magnificent amphitheater, it is almost impossible to believe the exquisiteness of the place. The fort has 3 gates in total, 2 lakes, a mosque which is ruined, and beautiful Persian inscriptions. The Gawilghur fort is truly a great opportunity to delve deep into history.


Gawilghur Fort open at 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Entry Fees

25 INR per Indian Visitors and 300 INR per Foreign Visitors


Concession on online payment - 5 INR saving for Indians in per tickets and 50 INR saving for Foreigners in per Tickets

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Igloo Jigloo
12 December 2021

Which Marathas never backed down, causing the British to hand back the fort to the "original heirs"??