Gobind Sagar Lake, Himachal Pradesh

One of the delightful itinerary for water enthusiasts, Gobind Sagar Lake dons its special aura when it comes to water reservoirs. A man-made reservoir, this one is located in Bilaspur District, Himachal Pradesh and is formed on the river Sutlej by the Bhakra Dam.

The dam is named in a tribute to Guru Gobind Singh, one of the most heralded Sikh gurus of all time. Gobind Sagar Lake is one of the natural wealth of Himachal Pradesh and India as a whole. Having been opened in 1962, this lake has been a breeding ground for fishing enthusiasts. With many ornithologists and fish lovers donning the region, it has seen the popularity surge quite high.

Gobind Sagar Lake has over 51 species of fishes available in the pond with most noted of the lot being Labeo Dero, Mystus Seenghala, Mirror Carp, Tor Pitutrata and more. It’s not just fishing that popularizes this pond as it is also known for boat rides and water sports. Many people tread along to the lake to delve into the motorsport like speed boats which are readily available for recreation.

The design aspect renders the level of water from the river Beas and Sutlej link to channelize into the Gobind lake keeping it full and high on the levels. Many activities like water-skiing, sailing, water scooter, kayaking are organized from time to time for enthusiasts to involve in. An easily accessible lake via road means, people have taken Gobind Sagar Lake as one of the most perfect getaways for fishing and water sport.


Gobind Sagar Lake can be visiting during 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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