Gujari Mahal & Museum, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Gujari Mahal is located inside the Gwalior Fortress in the historic city of Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, a state in India. Gujari Mahal in the Gwalior Fortress was built by Raja Man Singh Tomar for his beloved wife Mrignayani, a Gujar princess. It is said that the queen wanted a separate palace for herself with regular water supply from the adjacent Rai River.

The Gujari Mahal converted to an archaeological museum in 1922, the Gujari Mahal is located on the eastern gate of the fort. The museum comprises of terracotta figures, stone inscription, bronze and stone sculptures, coins, paintings, arms and weapons and many excavated objects.

Gujari Mahal has been developed into an important museum under Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museum, Madhya Pradesh. Galleries displaying various artefacts and ancient relics of the 1st and 2nd century B.C. are found inside the museum. The museum also houses inscriptions engraved in Devnagari, Brahmi and Persian scripts which helps to throw light to the tales of ancient India. Miniature sculpture of ‘salabhanjika’ and replicas of frescoes found in the Bagh cave are some of the remarkable objects to be seen here. A fragment of ‘heliodorus pillar’ of the Garuda Empire from Vidisha is a special attraction of the museum.


Gujari Mahal open at 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM (Monday Closed)

Entry Fees

10 INR for Indian visitors and 100 INR for Foreign visitors (Free for childs upto 15 years of age)


25 INR per Camera


200 INR per Camecoder

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