Guna Caves, Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a place known for its versatile beauty loop in the waters and the greens uniquely. Mesmerizing beauty is explicitly evident at Kodaikanal where nature conspires to lure you with all the greens and itch the wanderlust. The Guna caves have a recent history. It is said that the place of Guna caves was found with some hidden treasures just like many other places near Kodaikanal. The hidden treasures were greedily enjoyed by the Britishers. The caves were lost in the rush of the cities. It is quite an astonishing fact that the caves got their new name Guna as of a famous Bollywood movie which was shot there around the early 90s.

An exciting place to visit with mythological story situated in the Guna caves that the Pandavas lived and cooked their meals here. In recent times, people have also been found saying that a cannibal devil lives within the cave. It is an exciting place for the millennial generation to ease their wanderlust and also enjoy juggling around to find a line of adventure and danger at Guna Caves.

This place has its own, unique identity among the youngsters and the aged alike because of the thrill and peace it imparts to every visiting soul. The caves are far from ordinary; they can be best experienced after the rains with a lush green beauty oozing water droplets. The picturesque beauty is a treat to the eyes during winters, as the cave region is warm for the visitors. Get ready to visit the perfect package of beauty, adventure, fear, and mental peace. Do visit the Guna Caves.


Guna Caves open at 07.00 AM to 04.30 PM

Entry Fees

5 INR per person


10 INR per camera

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