Half Moon Beach, Karnataka

Half Moon Beach is one of the wonderful beaches in the town of Gokarna of Karnataka. The beach looks like a half moon from top of the hillocks surrounding it. Half Moon Beach is a small beach separated by a cliff from the Om beach. It has a remarkable resemblance with the shape of a half moon thus getting its name. A leisurely walk along the coastline allows one to experience the grandeur of the infinite ocean ahead and the lush green forest behind. Several traditional village huts can be spotted by the beach giving a homely feel. Exciting activities which includes paddle boating, swimming, canoeing, camping and cabin. There is also a paintball arena where one can enjoy with their groups.

The most thrilling part of this place is the hiking trail which leads from the Om Beach to reach Half Moon Beach. Towards the end of the southern part of the Om beach there is a narrow trail which leads to the Dolphin café. There is signal on a white board outside of the café indicating the further direction. Few minutes of hiking on rocky and bushy terrain will lead to the Half Moon Beach. One must be careful while hiking this trail. Sunbathing during the day and gazing at the shimmery stars lying at a hammock at night can also make the stay at this beach worth it.

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