Hanuman Tok, Sikkim

The Hanuman Tok near the main city is one of the main tourist spots of attraction in Gangtok. The Tok means temple in Sikkim, so the name suggests the temple of Hanuman. The temple is about 11 KM away from the city centre off the Gangtok Nathu La highway. The main attraction of this location is not only the temple of Lord Hanuman but also the viewpoint that gives travelers the awesome view of the Himalayas.

Situated at a height of 7200 ft above the sea level, the Hanuman Tok is a great architectural structure. The temple is a high place situated atop a ledge over the road. To reach the main temple one has to scale a number of flights of the paved stairs that is aligned by beautiful gardens and fountains. The benches and landscaping around the temple is filled with greenery and flowers. The temple is a serene place to be and a seat of solace for any person. The walk to the temple is a steep climb but is an achievable effort. What more the climb will get the tourist up to the temple to present the prayers and view the amazing view of the beautiful Kanchenjunga Mountain.

The legend behind the establishment of Hanuman Tok is a tall tale. It is believed that the sacred stone of the temple is found on the spot where Lord Hanuman rested for a bit while carrying the Sanjeevani Mountain on his shoulders for Lord Laxman to Lanka. Other story is that the political officer of this sector Appaji Pant got a divine revelation in his dreams and established the temple at the spot in the year 1950s.


Hanuman Tok Temple open at 07:00 AM to 09:00 PM

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