Hemis National Park, Ladakh

Hemis National Park, also called Hemis High Altitude National Park, is situated in Leh of Ladakh and is the most famous national park for Snow leopards. It is the largest national park in India which is protecting a huge number of endangered animal species along with more than 200 snow leopards and it is located near the Changthang Wildlife sanctuary. The Hemis National Park was founded in the year 1981 and is considered as the largest national park in the South of Asia. From snow leopards, Mountain weasels to rare flowers and plants, especially the pine trees are found in this park in the Tibetan plateau. People from various states of India and from various countries come to visit this national park. The safari within the park is offered by the Department of Wildlife Protection of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir. This park is also known for trekking and various trekking programmes are organised from the mid of June to the mid-month of October.

It is also considered as the best time and season to spot snow leopards along with other mammals. The Hemis Monastery is also located within the national park's vicinity and is one of the most famous monasteries in Ladakh. Every year, during the summer season, Hemis Teschu festival is organized and the locals who stay within the premises celebrate this festival grandly. This is the season when many people from various places gather and enjoy the Tibetan culture along with food and music. Various resorts and hotels are also situated here and provide the best packages to the tourists. Nature guides are also available for hire if the tourists have their own group and want to go for trekking on their own (with their own group, instead of joining one).


Hemis National Park can be visit during the day time from 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM

Entry Fees

20 INR per Indian Travelers and 100 INR per Foreign Travelers

Best Time to Visit

Best season to visit Hemis National Park during the months of May to September

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