Hemis Monastery, Ladakh

The Monastery of Hemis is a great place in the union territory of Ladakh. The Hemis town is a loved visitor spot in India. Hemis is arranged at a 40 km distance southeast of the city of Leh. Hemis like various different parts of Jammu and Kashmir typifies characteristic excellence of nature. This place in Ladakh is the spot that just flourishes natural tranquillity.

There is another motivation behind why Hemis is renowned. The place understood for being the town to the most prominent Buddhist gompas. The central religion honed in this piece of India is Buddhism. Hemis is by and large extremely cool in the winters and charming in the summers. In any case, in summer as well, a guest should put on woollen clothing of lighter material. Subsequently, we can state that in the event that a group is making a trip to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, people must carry with them warm items of clothing whenever and wherever the time and place may be.

Hemis Monastery as of now existed before the 11th century. Naropa, the student of the yogi Tilopa, and educator of the interpreter Marpa was associated with the monastery. The Hemis town has a vivid celebration and festivals that is held in the month of July. There is also a national park called the Hemis National Park, near the Hemis village which is a territory that conserves a band of rare & jeopardized snow leopards. Thus the village town of Hemis in the Tehshil of Leh is a timid and serene place to enjoy the beauty of the nature in the reclusion for any and every tourist wishing for so.


Hemis Monastery open at 08:00 AM to 01:00 PM and then again 02:00 PM to 06.00 PM

Entry Fees

100 INR per person

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